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Established in 1981 Sporting Classics is the leading magazine for discovering the best in hunting and fishing worldwide.  Written for active sportsmen who love to read, each issue is a big, thick volume packed with stories on all the things you love: guns, knives, adventures, art, dogs, collectibles, along with biographies of talented writers, craftsmen, painters and sculptors, who make these great things possible.

Ernest Hemingway, Robert Ruark, Gordon MacQuarrie, Gene Hill, Nash Buckingham and dozens more of our favorite authors from yesteryear help us introduce the rich heritage of hunting and fishing literature to new generations. 

Likewise, modern day authors like Mike Gaddis, Ron Spomer, Todd Tanner, Jim Casada, Doug Painter, Tom Davis, Roger Pinckney and Jamison Parker continue this age-old tradition of incredibly powerful stories.

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January/February 2018

Cover Image:

Black Rhinoceros by Andy Warhol courtesy The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.

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Publishing each weekday, the Daily features classic content and contemporary issues through text, photography, video, and audio. Roughly three articles go live each morning, with an email newsletter going out to alert readers of the new arrivals. Articles from the print magazine, such as those featuring specific products or places, also appear on the site, but so does unique content not found in the print version—or anywhere else, for that matter. SC Daily is the place for today’s hunters and anglers.

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